Pin Maine-ia 12 Finals Results

Wow what a weekend! A full field of 64 players and a lot of pinball! Thanks to everyone who came out to be a part of the longest running pinball tournament in New England. Space was tight, Pingolf had its issues that we’ll address for next year, but overall we hope everyone had a great time.

Here are the finals results from the main tournament.


A Division

1st place – Bowen Kerins
2nd place – Joe Lemire
3rd place – Alberto Santana
4th place – Ron Hallet Jr.
5th place – Steve Bowden
6th place – Eric Geddes


B Division

1st place – Theresa Nessel
2nd place – Paul Litalien Jr.
3rd place – Matt Guay
4th place – Leo Paquette
5th place – Keith Maffei
6th place – Jason Provencher


Congratulations to everyone. We’ll post the full field results and Pingolf soon.

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