Pin Maine-ia is a 2 day pinball event, June 22 and 23, 2018 in Gorham, Maine. Each day features a different IFPA sanctioned tournament for cash prizes and awards. 

June 22 – Pin Golf

Doors open at 2PM for free play followed by Pingolf at 8PM. Teams of four will be formed to play nine different games in an attempt to reach a target score in as few balls as possible. Lowest score wins with playoffs to determine rankings for IFPA points. Winners receive cash prizes and awards.

June 23 – The New England Pinball Championship

A full day, 18 game match-play tournament. Players play in groups of four and play three games per round for a total of 9 rounds.  After 3 rounds, the bottom half of the field will be split into a separate “B” Division and will play for their own title. The top 6 players in each division will face off in a finals for cash prizes and awards.