Unofficial Results of Pin Maine-ia 12 Main Tournament

Jeff here. It’s been a busy week! Hope you’re all enjoying your holiday. With Pin Maine-ia 12 behind us, Pintastic last weekend, Pin-Masters of Maine this Saturday, NEPL Finals next Saturday, the All The Way To Rumfid Pinball Tournament on July 21 and Replay FX and Pinburgh just three weeks away there is a ton of pinball going on!

In between all that, I’ve finally been able to sit down and sort out results from Pin-Maineia and have sent them to JR for submission to IFPA. They will become official results when checked and approved by IFPA. Here’s how it went.


Main Event

1   Bowen Kerins
2   Joe Lemire
3   Alberto Santana
4   Ron Hallett Jr.
5   Steve Bowden
6   Eric Geddes
7   Seth Clayter
     Jerry Bernard
     Michael Haycock
10 Mike Freeman
     Mike Litalien
     Frank Romero
     David Aceto
14 Jake Erskine
15 Tyler Aas
     Matt Liskom
     Mike Schmitt
     Leslie Kozloski
     Mike Testa
     Nate Straz
     Davey Plaisted
22 Chuck Webster
     Steve McGinn
24 Donald Boom
     Bob Matthews
     Brian McCauley
27 Matt Lodgek
     Jay Ramey
29 Geoff Alterman
30 Jason Rioux
31 Gabriel Chazanov
32 Kevin Frank
33 Theresa Nessel
34  Paul Litalien Jr.
35  Matt Guay
36 Leo Paquette
37 Keith Maffei
38 Jason Provencher
39 Jerry Lindsay
     Shawn Chastney
41 Tom Campbell
     Nicole Bernier
     Paul Caras
     Caitlyn Hewson
     Paul Litalien Sr.
     Charlie Bucks
47 Kevin Campbell
48 Jeff Parsons
49 Christopher Crocker
      Joe Hinkle
      Uchendu Nwachuku
52 Paul Conley
53 JT Harrison
     Buddy Meilleur
55 Mark Seiden
     Mike Grant
57 Kenny Bourbeau
58 Larry Paquette
     Erin Seiden
60 Jim Gianitsis
61 Anthony Gianitsis
62 Jayden Moore
63 Eric Schmersal


1    Eric Geddes
2    Michael Haycock
3    Bob Matthews
4    Bowen Kerins
5    Joe Lemire
6    Alberto Santana
7    Jay Ramey
8    Mark Henderson
      Paul Conley
      Jake Erskine
      Paul Caras
      Jerry Lindsay
      Joshua Henderson
14  Seth Clayter
      Matt Liskom
      David Aceto
      Ron Hallett Jr
18  Nate Straz
      Geoff Alterman
      Mike Litalien
      Gabriel Chazanov
      Mark Seiden
      Mike Freeman
24  Theresa Nessel
      Buddy Meilleur
      Matt Lodgik
      Shawn Chastney
      Steve McGinn
29 Mike Grant
      Jason Provencher
      Davey Plaisted
32 Anthony Gianitsis
     Caitlyn Hewson
     Kevin Frank
     Jason Rioux
     Brian McCauley
     Chris Crocker
     Jeff Parsons
     Eric Schmersal
40 Larry Paquette
     Paul Litalien Sr.
     Mike Testa
     Jim Farris
     Paul Litalien Jr.
     Uchendu Nwachuku
46 Erin Seiden
     Mike Schmitt
     Leslie Kozloski
49 Kenny Bourbeau
50 Jim Gianitsis
51 Jayden Moore
     Terri Leduc

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