About the Pin Maine-ia 14 Logo

Pin Maine-ia got its start on Jul 27, 2007 at John Reuter’s home in Gorham, Maine. Out of the 40 players, only 12 were rated with the IFPA. Competitive pinball and the pinball scene, in general, was not what it is today. John, or as most of us call him, JR, hosted one of the few pinball tournaments around and attracted pro players to Maine from across the country over the early years, including two brothers named Sharpe.

When it began a logo was designed with a lobster holding a pinball in each claw, and it had its own unique charm.

In recent years, Jake Erskine has been designing logos for each Pin Maine-ia and has done some amazing work based on a theme either having to do with pinball or the number of that year’s tournament.

For Pin Maine-ia 14, Jake said he wanted do something that really honored JR and the tradition, so the lobster is back.

You can probably guess which pinball machine this design was based on. It was the very first pinball machine JR ever bought. These logos will also be featured on the Pin Maine-14 t-shirts.

Big thanks once again to Jake Erskine for his design and for all the work he has put into Pin Maine-ia over the years.

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