This Will Not Be the Kings of Steel You’re Used to at PinMaine-ia

In a tournament setting where you’re playing for high score, Bally’s Kings of Steel from 1984 is a one trick pony. Hit the right target, get the ball back on the left flipper, repeat for millions. If you have good ball control and have mastered the tap pass, you can rack up the points all day, like one Bowen Kerins demonstrates in his tutorial video.

That won’t be the case at PinMaineia-11 because we’ve made one little change that makes it a whole new game. Swap a couple of wires and suddenly this target…

Right Target

Awards you what this target normally does…

Center Target

And vice versa…

Right and Center Target Swap

Right target all day is now center target all day. Do you want to Press Your Luck or pass? One wrong move and you get the Whammy.


PinMaine-ia is just 4 days away! June 23, 24 and 25. We’ll see you there!

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