Williams Tri Zone Added to PinMaine-ia Lineup

One game is out and another is in for PinMaine-ia 11. This week, JR has acquired a 1979 Williams Tri-Zone that will be added to the lineup for PinMaine-ia 11 June 23-25.

Paul Tuckey of TNT Amusements created a video explaining the history of Tri Zone, how to play it and how the ground-breaking game that followed it affected its selling price in 1979.


Rod’s Pinball Videos has a Tri Zone in action…



You’ll find Tri Zone in the back of the basement next to Flash.

Bally’s Party Zone is no longer in the line up.

If you haven’t registered for PinMaine-ia, now’s the time. Hit the registration link below. Registration is available day of if all 64 spots are not filled.

Register here for PinMaine-ia 11


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