What’s New At PinMaine-ia This Year?

We’re excited to be making a minor change to PinMaine-ia game-play this year that we hope will make things go more smoothly for everyone.

For PinMaine-ia 11, we’ll be using MatchPlay Events to manage the tournament. We’ve been wanting to use Andreas Haugstrup’s web based tournament manager software ever since he introduced it a few years ago, but until this year it wasn’t able to do exactly what we needed for PinMaine-ia. Andreas has consistently been adding features to his excellent software and we are now able to use if for PinMaine-ia.

To accommodate the MatchPlay software, we’ll be switching from the former round-robin style of head to head play on 3 machines in a 4-player group to all 4 players playing together on the same machine and playing all 3 machines. Each game will be scored 3-2-1-0, with the player with the highest score getting 3 points, second highest 2 and so on. If you’ve played at Pinburgh or in the New England Pinball League, you should feel right at home with this play format.

Not only will this help with scoring, but now your group will stick together for each match, so no waiting for others in your group to finish their game or tracking them down. This should keep things running smoothly.

What else will we be able to do with MatchPlay Events?

  • Software will do its best to assign game banks you haven’t played before
  • Real time results will be available online using your mobile device
  • You can opt-in to receive a text message when the next round is ready to play which includes your opponents and games to be played in your bank.

To take advantage of these features, we encourage you to sign up for a free MatchPlay Events Account. If you’re registered with the IFPA, be sure to use the email you registered with to claim your IFPA number. Not only will this give you access to these features, but will make it easier to get you signed up for PinMaine-ia in the future, because we know you’ll be coming back for more!

Register For a MatchPlay Events Account

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